Von Arkel

Right in the heart of the Swiss Riviera, Von Arkel develops its luxury eyewear concepts in collaboration with renowned experts.

The highlight of Von Arkel’s products is the hinge; a true technical marvel inspired by the virtuosity of the finest watchmaking movements.

Technicality and reliability, proven durability over time, precision and rigor, sobriety and essentiality are the noble values that inspire Von Arkel.

Following in the steps of the 18th century expansion of the booming watchmaking industry, Von Arkel nurtured its legacy from this exceptional tradition of avant-garde technology and unmatched quality and precision.
With purity and timelessness in mind, Von Arkel offer frames of incomparable innovation, designed and developed in the very cradle of birth of watchmaking.

With its patented hinges appropriately designated as “Calibers”, eyewear and watchmaking technology have never been so close.

Beyond technology, there is a savoir-faire. Beyond design, lies emotion. Beyond your eyewear, your personality. And behind Von Arkel, a network of engaged people, engineers, designers, master bar-turners and eyewear craftsmen, dedicated to building exceptional frames in their workshops and studios, drawing on centuries-old traditions. A network, at last, of opticians and expert resellers Von Arkel can rely upon. Carefully hand-picked, they use their skills and expertise to help you enjoy the very best of the brand experience.

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