Vuarnet, is committed to develop high-quality products but also more durable and progressively more eco-friendly.

Vaurent produce their lenses in their own factory in Meaux, near Paris

Vaurent sun lenses are made of mineral glass: in addition to its intrinsically superior quality compared to plastic lenses, mineral glass is 100% natural and 100% recyclable.

Vaurent production channel is as local as possible: sand, the main raw material for mineral lenses, comes from the Seine et Marne rivers, 25 km away from Paris.

Handcrafted in France near Paris which received the French certification EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant). Vuarnet mineral lenses are natural and recyclable by opposition to “plastic” organic lenses that most brands use for their eyewear

Each pair of lenses are engraved with our V trademark and is what guarantees their authenticity.

Equipped with polarized or Lynx® technologies, all of Vuarnet lenses guarantee the highest levels of Protection, Precision and Comfort.
Although all Vuarnet lenses are suitable for all uses each lens color offers specific benefits to help enhance your vision.
The production of our mineral glass lenses at VUARNET is an art. One week of work and a seventeen-step process is necessary to produce each lens, from the selection of the best quality raw materials to the exclusive treatments on the lenses with strict quality control at each level. This requirement means that we can guarantee an optical quality perceptible at first sight.
All VUARNET lenses are available for your prescription. To do so, come in and we will be glad to fit you with the best prescription sunglasses.

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