There’s no better time than the new season to get yourself a new pair of trendy glasses

If you’re looking for some stylish glasses to go with new office outfits or a pair of great sunglasses to style while strolling the city, here are the upcoming frame trends of 2020

This season sees the comeback of several popular trends, you need to carefully pick out what suits your face and character as well as the latest trends of the eyewear fashion.

In terms of colors, dark tones dominate the season. The top colors are tortoise shell, which is the king of colorways. Black, clear and red frames are also very popular!

The tortoise shell glasses are a great option if you want to stay in tune with the current eyewear trends. There are so many color palettes of this trendy color, so you should not have a hard time finding the perfect one for your skin tone and hair color!

Tortoise shell glasses are a great choice for the season, you can also match them with your fall/winter outfits.

Second only to the tortoise shell, clear frames are one of the most sought after trends of the year. Their neutral color makes them a great choice for this season so you should grab them without waiting too long.

You have to love their elegant design and beautiful look. If you’re looking for the coolest, simplest eyeglasses for both men and women, these are them.
Black frames are the best choice since this non-color is quite popular during the fall/winter season. It also goes great with formal outfits, such as white shirts and black suits.

Black thick round glasses also look sharp and work well for those with face shapes incompatible with square or rectangular glasses.

The cat eye black frame is a striking choice for women working in the business environment as they give you a smart and mysterious look that will emphasize your professionalism.

Gold frames make a statement. So it’s natural that the best look change will involve gold metal frames.

Simple and straight to the point. Gold metal eyeglasses are delicate and elegant. This is definitely an office or indoor.

Round metal eyeglasses are often associated with attention to detail and can do wonders for you are in a working environment. These are one of the men’s favorite eyeglasses frame, but combined with a double bridge it can also be a great choice for women!

The red glasses trend with its variations, be it pink or purple is mostly destined for women. These colors are hip and bold, a perfect choice for a fashionista.