Robert La Roche

Founded in 1973, the brand of Robert La Roche has held a pioneering position in the eyewear industry. After relaunching in 2014, they have set a new and radical standard for what eyewear can be. They have also shown what a small group of people can do with a raw creative vision and a constantly growing zest for innovative expression.

Achieving this goal requires precise expertise and craftsmanship, as well as an understanding of artistic design and cutting-edge technology. In order to create a product that is 100% pure and honest, their team is composed of highly skilled professionals who are meticulously involved in the entire process, from the first stroke of a pencil to the final finishing touch.

Every frame starts from scratch. Each step of the process is done by hand with utmost care.
It is not just simply about making the perfect pair of glasses, but to create unconventional, raw and individualistic objects. The result is a highly personal, precious piece of wearable art. The difference is in the detail, designed to be revealed, not concealed.

Only the finest materials such as natural top-grade acetate and sheer block titanium are carefully selected and expertly processed by a small number of skilled eyewear manufacturers in Italy and Japan.

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