Eyewear made to perfection
Welcome to KaltenBöck Opticians based in downtown Toronto. Our mission is to give you the best possible vision ever. We spent the past 52 years perfecting our craft and are able to:
  1. We only offer boutique frames that are made to fit every head shape.
  2. We are one of the few in Canada that handcraft lenses to fit your eye perfectly, instead of sending it to a factory.
  3. We only stock and sell the highest quality frames and lenses. We do not compromise on quality.
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KaltenBöck is one of the only opticians in Canada that travels to eyewear fashion shows in the US, Paris and Milan to discover up and coming trends, and unique independent design houses.

We invested in all the tool necessary to allow our experts to craft and edge your eyewear to perfection.

During our 52 years of experience, we discovered that even if a lens is out by a just millimeter it will worsen your vision. We decided to take the unusual step and invest in the tools ourselves. The majority of opticians send their lenses to the same factory for edging, we do it ourselves in store.

Over the years we have perfected this craft and now are able to edge a lense to within a fraction of a millimeter, which will fully enhance your vision. New clients to KaltenBöck notice the difference immediately.

Book a complimentary consultation with us (416) 921-2334


We only stock and sell the highest quality frames and lenses possible. This is because it makes a substantial difference to your vision.

Book a complimentary 45-minute styling consultation
Where you are after a new look or want help to fully enhance your vision then book 45-minutes with one of our experts. There are no obligations to purchase after the meeting.
Book a complimentary consultation with us (416) 921-2334
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Non-appointment visitors are most welcome to visit.
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